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Easy level canyons

Reunion Island' canyons - Easy level

Here are the main canyons to discover canyoning on Reunion Island (click on the picture!)

To get more skill :

Here are some intermediate level and classics canyons of Reunion Island, accessible to beginners but requiring minimal athletic ability, we need to provide an effort comparable to that one of a walking day :

Health and fitness requirements

With professional canyoning guide and small group of 8 persons, the difficulty of a canyon depends on duration of the canyon.This kind of effort is comparable to a day of hiking.

Jumps are always optional, abseils are not.

Participants must be moderately fit : be able to go bush walking. They should not be heavily overweight or suffer from serious health problems such as heart complaints or significant back complaints.

All medical issues must be declared when checking in and also when asked by your guides. In most cases minor medical issues will not preclude participation, but however, it is important that the booking staff and activity guides are made aware of any issues prior to commencement of the activity for your safety and the safety of others.