Canyon trou blanc - Salazie Fleur jaune integrale - Cilaos Fleur Jaune - Cilaos

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The canyons are everywhere on the island, near Saint Joseph at South of Reunion Island, Sainte Suzanne at North, and of course at the heart of the island in Cilaos, Salazie and Mafate. Click on the categories of canyon that interest you for more information, and of course do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

We can classify canyons of Reunion Island in 3 levels of difficulty depending on your experience and your sport canyoning ehabileté:

- "Easy level canyons" : available to the most of peolple, starting from 8 years old, no experience required, must be able to swim and do not be afraid of the water. This still remains an activity requiring minimal skill sport: you have to walk and swim.

- "Intermediate level canyons" : you don't need more experience than the "Easy level canyons" , but the descent lasts longer, an effort comparable to a hiking day (in fact the hardest part is often the approach or return).

- "Hard level canyons" : expedition for a day or two days. You need good physical and mental abilities, a sporting experience and be selfcontrol on a rope by your own. Get in touch to discuss your experience and agree on a possible setting excursion or upgrading prior to such canyoning excursion.

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