Scuba diving in Reunion Island

Discover scuba diving in Reunion Island

When you find that are too beautiful canyons in Reunion Island, that it gets tiresome to constantly evolve in a dream landscape, you can go to see what is happening there below, once water canyons is thrown into the ocean ... oh my god ... thin it's so beautiful !

Plongee3 Clown Plongee1

So I took the initiative to spend my level 1 of scuba diving to understand the fundamentals of the activity. It is also possible to make a simple baptism if you don't want to engage in training and just enjoy the incredible beauty of the underwater world of the Reunion Island. Accompanied by Antoine Mettra (aquasub run) , an excellent independent scuba diving instructor that I recommend, so I went to the discovery of the anemones, clown fish  trumpet fish and other wonders that hide in the coral that borders the coast of the island.

Tipoissons Plongee2 Anemone