Paragliding flight in Rivière des Remparts - Reunion Island

As there are not as canyoning in life, here's an article that is for paragliders who seek information on the flight of the Rivière des Remparts, because we have been sought and has not found as much! The best information is the GPS track.

Last Sunday, Jerome, Sophie and I went next to discover this beautiful flight I had heard so much about. As not sure where we were going to land, it was decided to let a car in the Plain of "gregues" (see the GPS track), actually there are a lot of fields if we decide to move towards St Joseph (we should even be able to reach the beach and to land on) but if you can not back up the rampart, it complicates the shuttle because you will walk to St Joseph out of the river and then back to the Plain of gregues .. . For the takeoff, easy to find on the road of the volcano, just after Piton Textor, an obvious parking on the right side of the road, and there is even a small sign indicating the work undertaken for takeoff.

Vol parapente riviere remparts1


Ready to fly!

Vol parapente riviere remparts4


Vol parapente riviere remparts5


Vol parapente riviere remparts6

La plaine des grègues


The first part of the flight, you can't land :

Vol parapente riviere remparts2

Out of the vegetation!

Vol parapente riviere remparts3