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Back to Takamaka!

Last Saturday, we went back into the canyon of Takamaka with Cécile, Hugo and Romain doing their first major canyon after Fleur Jaune and Ferriere... so to honor that first descent we chose the guided abseil option to get down into the "Mini Trou de Fer ", so emotion was at the measure of the beauty of the place :

Takamaka guide

Ravine Grand Mère, Mafate, Reunion Island

Mafate, an ideal place to combine hiking and canyoning

At the end of September, we went for a little excursion on two days in the Mafate, with the aim of going down into the ravine Grand Mere.

Panoramique canalisation orangers 2

This canyon can be toured by day with 4x4 taxi to shorten the approach and return, but we chose to take the time doing the walk of 3-4h approach the day before from the path of the pipeline "canalisation des orangers" and take the opportunity to spend the night in Mafate, where it is possible to be is housed in lodging or bivouac. We were able to do the canyon the next day without hurrying and to come back by the islet of "lataniers" and then resume the wonderful balcony trail of"canalisation des orangers".

Mafate                    Mafate reunion

The interest of this descent lies as much in the majestic setting of hiking to reach Mafate, inaccessible to cars, as in the descent of the canyon.

Ravine grand mere mafate saut Ravine grand mere mafate cascade finale Ravine grand mere mafate vue haut

Ravine grand mere mafate rappel  Ravine grand mere mafate grande cascade