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Descent of the Ravine Germeuil - 48 abseils - 1450m

From the volcano (Pas des sables) to go to a canyon, it's pretty unusual. Germeuil  is a large canyon on the Reunion Island, located in the foothills of the River of Remparts. This canyon was repeated very few times since its bolting in 2004, but it was bolt again in 2014, and the rumor of a grand canyon has come down to our ears. With my fellow instructors Yann and Julian, we have decided to set up a small team to go for the fifty abseils that lead to high pools perched into a bulwark whose inaccessibility is at measure of the beauty of the place ...

Canyon ravine germeuil couv

Vue sur le Piton des neiges à l'approche de la ravine...


Canyon ravine germeuil 1

Les premiers rappels

Canyon ravine germeuil 2


Canyon ravine germeuil 3


Canyon ravine germeuil 5

Canyon ravine germeuil 4

Canyon ravine germeuil 6


Canyon ravine germeuil 7


Canyon ravine germeuil 8

Bras Rouge on!

Bras Rouge canyon is located in Cilaos,  just below the Piton des Neiges, and could be under strong water rises after heavy rains repeated, so we have not been there since last December because the "rain season" here in Reunion Island is really not the time for the descent of this magnificent canyon, but today we finally returned again and with an ideal water level !

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Trou blanc - On!

Good news : we return to the canyon of Trou Blanc since early April , the water level has fallen back within an acceptable range for practicing the activity. Located in Salazie , Hell Bourg specifically the "White Hole" canyon is a must on the island of Réunion and is among one of the best of the world. This canyon is aquatic and very playful : it is composed of many slides, as impressive as each other, cut with perfection in basalt. Canyon Trou Blanc is a short canyon to explore when you are passing on Reunion Island and you like sports of nature! Outings are organized every day and costs 75 € / person, including equipment and coaching .

Call 0692 22 37 37 to book or inquire.


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Paragliding flight in Rivière des Remparts - Reunion Island

As there are not as canyoning in life, here's an article that is for paragliders who seek information on the flight of the Rivière des Remparts, because we have been sought and has not found as much! The best information is the GPS track.

Last Sunday, Jerome, Sophie and I went next to discover this beautiful flight I had heard so much about. As not sure where we were going to land, it was decided to let a car in the Plain of "gregues" (see the GPS track), actually there are a lot of fields if we decide to move towards St Joseph (we should even be able to reach the beach and to land on) but if you can not back up the rampart, it complicates the shuttle because you will walk to St Joseph out of the river and then back to the Plain of gregues .. . For the takeoff, easy to find on the road of the volcano, just after Piton Textor, an obvious parking on the right side of the road, and there is even a small sign indicating the work undertaken for takeoff.

Vol parapente riviere remparts1


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Back to Takamaka!

Last Saturday, we went back into the canyon of Takamaka with Cécile, Hugo and Romain doing their first major canyon after Fleur Jaune and Ferriere... so to honor that first descent we chose the guided abseil option to get down into the "Mini Trou de Fer ", so emotion was at the measure of the beauty of the place :

Takamaka guide

Scuba diving in Reunion Island

Discover scuba diving in Reunion Island

When you find that are too beautiful canyons in Reunion Island, that it gets tiresome to constantly evolve in a dream landscape, you can go to see what is happening there below, once water canyons is thrown into the ocean ... oh my god ... thin it's so beautiful !

Plongee3 Clown Plongee1

So I took the initiative to spend my level 1 of scuba diving to understand the fundamentals of the activity. It is also possible to make a simple baptism if you don't want to engage in training and just enjoy the incredible beauty of the underwater world of the Reunion Island. Accompanied by Antoine Mettra (aquasub run) , an excellent independent scuba diving instructor that I recommend, so I went to the discovery of the anemones, clown fish  trumpet fish and other wonders that hide in the coral that borders the coast of the island.

Tipoissons Plongee2 Anemone

Ravine Grand Mère, Mafate, Reunion Island

Mafate, an ideal place to combine hiking and canyoning

At the end of September, we went for a little excursion on two days in the Mafate, with the aim of going down into the ravine Grand Mere.

Panoramique canalisation orangers 2

This canyon can be toured by day with 4x4 taxi to shorten the approach and return, but we chose to take the time doing the walk of 3-4h approach the day before from the path of the pipeline "canalisation des orangers" and take the opportunity to spend the night in Mafate, where it is possible to be is housed in lodging or bivouac. We were able to do the canyon the next day without hurrying and to come back by the islet of "lataniers" and then resume the wonderful balcony trail of"canalisation des orangers".

Mafate                    Mafate reunion

The interest of this descent lies as much in the majestic setting of hiking to reach Mafate, inaccessible to cars, as in the descent of the canyon.

Ravine grand mere mafate saut Ravine grand mere mafate cascade finale Ravine grand mere mafate vue haut

Ravine grand mere mafate rappel  Ravine grand mere mafate grande cascade

Dudu's canyon

Today we went to the canyon to Dudu, near River of Marsouins near Saint André. We thought to do it in its entirety, it was raining when we arrived to 6am , we preferred to end our night in the car and advise upon waking ... Finally the sky cleared a bit, the level of water had not increased, so we decided to do only the descent of the lower part . The descent of the canyon of Dudu lower began to 9.30 and we were below around 13h, taking plenty of time to take pictures. It started to rain in the stiff ascent, where you have to have some basic climbing on wet roots to be comfortable. The ascent took us a big hour .


We met the eight-legged inhabitants ...


We had a few refreshing spray.